More NBA Draft rumors; is Jersey getting Vince’s replacement?

06.21.09 10 years ago 38 Comments

Lots of NBA Draft stuff populating the news this weekend, be it players moving up or down the board in this last stretch of workouts, teams making promises, or draft-related trade rumors. The Nets have been one of the toughest teams to figure out. Ever since they landed the 11th pick in the Lottery, we’ve seen them connected to eveyrybody from DeMar DeRozan to James Johnson to Tyler Hansbrough. There was even a short-lived rumor that had the Nets trading Devin Harris to Memphis for the No. 2 pick; its seems the only position where NJ satisfied is at center with Brook Lopez. The latest we’ve heard is that Jersey is very high on Louisville’s Terrence Williams. But would them taking a two-guard have anything at all to do with the recent Vince Carter-to-Cleveland trade rumor? … Jordan Hill worked out for the Warriors and spent some QT with Nellie, after which Hill said Nellie gave him a “probably” that he’d take him with the 7th pick. Then again, you could probably ask each member of the ’08-09 Warriors about Nellie’s reliability from one day to the next, and they’d just roll their eyes. If Hill does wind up in the Bay, he should anticipate running the gamut from starting to getting DNP-CDs all in one week. Just ask Anthony Randolph what his rookie year was like … The Knicks (#8) have supposedly narrowed their list down to three point guards: Stephen Curry, Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday. There’s a small chance all of those guys could be gone before New York picks, but not likely. Which one do you think would fit Mike D’Antoni‘s system the best? Curry has the shooting touch to be one of those 50-40-90 guys like Steve Nash in his prime; Tyreke is more of a power/pure scoring combo guard; and Holiday is an amazing athlete with lots of room to grow. Holiday would be the best defender of the bunch, but since when as Coach D cared about D? … And by the way, wasn’t Chris Duhon supposed to be the answer for NY at point guard? … Also, the Bulls (#16) are in love with DeJuan Blair, and word is the Pistons have promised B.J. Mullens with their #15 pick. That actually makes a lot of sense; Mullens is a 7-footer who can shoot from the outside — he could be their new Rasheed Wallace, only without the increasing apathy … Nobody is really talking about this yet, but keep an eye on the stalemate going down between Dwyane Wade and the Heat. Wade can either sign an extension this summer or become a free agent in 2010, and while just about any player in Flash’s position would wait and test the market, obviously Miami would prefer he re-up with them now. A lot will have to do with whether Wade feels he can win another championship in MIami — which means he needs some better help around him — but Pat Riley has said he’s not gonna make any major roster overhauls until he knows Wade is in the fold. Wade, meanwhile, has said all along he doesn’t want to go anywhere, but hasn’t said he’s definitely going to sign an extension. So either Wade locks himself into Miami long-term now and then has to hope Riley follows through with the supporting cast, or he goes into this season already knowing he’s got another Me Against The World schedule in front of him … In an interview with HoopsHype, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was asked, basically, what’s wrong with Andrew Bynum and why won’t Bynum incorporate the skyhook into his game. Kareem’s answer: “I think Andrew feels that he wants to make his own statement and he will do that by discovering how he can dominate in the league.” Is it just us or does that sound like AB is being stubborn and Kareem is kind of in that, “OK, go f*** yourself then” mode? … The Nuggets and Pacers will open the ’09 exhibition season in Taiwan, at the Taipei Arena. Maybe while they’re over there, the Pacers can finally find a trade partner for Jamaal Tinsley … We’re out like Bynum’s skyhook …

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