Muggsy Bogues Uses All-Star Weekend To Pick His Must Have ‘Space Jam 2’ Lineup

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It’s been 20 years since Michael Jordan joined forces with Bugs Bunny and Bill Murray in Space Jam and the anniversary has been well celebrated at NBA All-Star weekend in Toronto.

After a live read of the script, Muggsy Bogues, the former Charlotte Hornets point guard who played one of the NBA-ers who, along with Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson and Shawn Bradley, had his hooping talent sucked away by the alien Monstars in the movie, discussed his ideal cast should a long-rumored sequel ever come to pass.

“You gotta have LeBron,” Bogues said at the All-Star celebrity game on Friday night. Indeed, all-universe LeBron James has been mentioned as a potential star — following in the footsteps of Jordan — should a sequel ever see the light of day.

Bogues went on to suggest Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond and New Orleans Pelicans big man Anthony Davis as the ideal duo to replace the big man combo of Ewing and Bradley from the original. As for replacing Johnson, known in some circles as “Grandmama,” Bogues came up with Golden State Warriors jack of all trades Draymond Green.

Bogues himself would need an update and while there’s no one in the current NBA who measures up (or down) to his 5-foot-3, Bogues figures Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas, in Toronto for his first all-star appearance and clocking in at a healthy 5-foot-9, would do the trick.

That’s a solid starting five. Bogues didn’t mention who he felt would make for the right Jordan if LeBron doesn’t wind up in that role. But Kobe Bryant is about two months away from having plenty of free time on his hands. And no matter what, be sure to know that Muggsy Bogues still loves his mama.

(Via ESPN)