Murray State, Which Hasn’t Dropped A Game, Drops Its Anthem

In 2010 Kanye West noted that, “I guess every superhero needs his theme music.” In 2012 we can say every college basketball team is dropping its own video anthem. And that’s a good thing.

San Diego State forward Tim Shelton caught national attention earlier this month with “Aztec Motto.” This week another mid-major of distinction, undefeated Murray State, has released the music video to “Murray State Anthem” by Trubz N Matlock (no relation to the daytime TV lawyer). Whereas Shelton showed himself to be a more than capable rapper as well as scorer for SDSU, the Racers’ players play along here but don’t get on the mic. Trubz N Matlock is composed of two Murray State students – junior Jacob Matlock and senior Zach Noonan – and the video was shot in conjunction with the university.

After taking over a bored classroom of students, the anthem heads to the Racers’ CFSB Center, where the players dribble alongside, looking a little tired, as the rappers continue the show. Highlight spoiler alert: When the anthem hits up an academic conference room, watch the bearded man in a blazer on your right get down.

In between all this celebration, lines include: “Not to mention, Murray State is the home of Popeye Jones/So can we finally put your hands together and welcome home it’s yo very own Murray State Racers back to the throne.”

Now, I don’t buy that only up-and-coming programs make these anthems to set themselves apart — after all, “Lazy Tuesday” came out way back in 2007 from blue-blood, bluegrass Kentucky. But the timing is a little funny considering that as the nation’s last undefeated team in Division I, Coach Steve Prohm‘s Racers club hardly needs an introduction right now.

What do you think?

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