LeBron And Everyone Else Couldn’t Get Over How Bad The Refs Were In The National Championship

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Gonzaga and North Carolina played in the National Championship game on Monday night, but it felt less like a basketball game and more like a free throw competition as there was a persistent whistle throughout the game. This was especially the case in the second half, when it felt like you couldn’t go more than two possessions without a foul being called.

Needless to say, that kind of constant interruption made for a miserable viewing experience – and probably a miserable playing experience – and people made sure to voice their displeasure with the quality of refereeing that was on display in Phoenix. It wasn’t just fans who disliked the calls – that happens every game – but even NBA stars like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade couldn’t believe how many fouls were being called.

While LeBron and Wade aired their grievances, so did the rest of the basketball world watching the game. Even the CBS announce crew couldn’t help but note the absurdity of all the call that were made in the second half, and if the announcers are noting that kind of thing, you can only imagine what the internet had to say. Some were mad about how bad it was, but there were also plenty of jokes too as Twitter tried to at least have a little fun with how terrible this all was to watch.