The NBA’s 2016 Blooper Reel Is Full Of Missed Dunks And Bad Dancing

Who doesn’t love a good blooper reel? It’s the reminder you need that the athletes that so frequently astound us are still just humans, prone to getting hit in the face by basketballs, or slipping and falling for no damn reason. It’s a valuable tool to help you laugh through any pain we might have in our daily lives. I know LeBron getting hit in the face is already in the video, but it’s 16 minutes long and we need its restorative power, so here’s the loop:

That 16 minute running time means that plenty of the video is filled with what couldn’t ever be considered bloopers, like fans dancing. Then again, the inclusion of fan dancing does serve to remind us that among all its other flaws, 2016 was also the year that people finally killed the dab. They killed it violently with their terrible stadium dancing, and they killed it over and over again. My goodness.

Other highlights include:

  • Man, Timofey Mozgov misses way too many dunks for a man his size. Only two were featured on this list, but rest assured he misses more than that.
  • No less than three separate times, NBA players attempted to throw alley-oop passes, only for the pass to go right through the hoop. Every time, the reaction makes it hilarious.
  • Mascots will never not be jerks, and we’re glad the Lopez twins are here to be jerks right back to them.