‘NBA 2K20’ Revealed Ratings For The Top 20 Players, Led By LeBron

07.15.19 1 month ago


The NBA season won’t begin for another few months, and we’ve just now gotten to the slow part of the offseason with the majority of free agents signed and, Chris Paul aside, most major players already traded (at least, we think).

And yet, on Monday we got more NBA news in the form of NBA 2K20 ratings for the top players in the league and the top rookies. Zion Williamson earned an 81 overall rating as he enters the league, besting Ja Morant by two for the top rookie, one of the top ratings for a rookie in recent history. As for the top players overall, 20 players earned overall ratings of 88 or higher, with Ben Simmons just missed the cut at 87 overall.

The three highest rated players entering this season are LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, and Giannis Antetokounmpo, followed by the rest of a who’s who of NBA superstars. Thirteen players in total earned ratings of 90 or above, which is an astounding number.

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