NBA 2K14 Next-Gen Reveals Spookily Accurate “Real Voice”

The immersive components of the next generation of NBA 2K14 cannot be mentioned enough. The regular version is enough to make you skip a beat when you turn on your television and the real life NBA universe isn’t the same as the one you’ve created for the game. Like their new Steve Kerr-approved MyGM mode or Eco-Motion driving hyper-realistic gameplay, the “Real Voice” you experience in the halftime and post-game interviews perfectly matches players and coaches.

2K Sports‘ “Real Voice” features audio from actual NBA interviews. With over 600 in-game interviews, it brings authenticity to another dimension. LeBron James, James Harden Kevin Durant, Paul George, Doc Rivers, Mark Jackson, and many more are featured with amazing accuracy. Whether it’s slight traces of Tony Parker‘s French patois or the parched, gravel sound of Tom Thibodeau‘s voice, you are hearing real players and coaches when you play next-gen.

When PS®4 launches November 14, and XBox One follows eight days later, you’ll get to experience the exciting next-gen NBA 2K14 in all its splendor.

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