‘The Carlton,’ ‘The Nae Nae’ And And Rest Of The Best ‘NBA 2K16’ Dance Moves And Celebrations

There’s no accounting for NBA players and their dance moves. It’s the one North American professional sport that invites the viewer up close and personal, and gives it’s athletes plenty of time to make up their own jig or celebration after ripping nylon from beyond the arc.

So it makes sense NBA 2K16 would incorporate the trendiest dance moves and celebrations into their game, and after pre-orders were sent at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, BallerVisions 2 was kind enough to upload some of these dances and celebrations to YouTube.

We start, of course, with one of the most seminal dane moves of the 21st century. The Alfonso Ribeiro’s “The Carlton.” While The Fresh Prince of Bel Air hasn’t aired a new episode since May of 1996 [insert insulting comment about how old we are, making those who have been around longer than us feel like even older farts] and Will Smith has become a movie star, despite mostly having stopped making decent movies — how else to explain this nonsense — “The Carlton” is as American as Apple Pie, Sunday Football and getting heated about politics on Facebook.

As you can see in the GIF, the 2K folks even included the scene where Will walks down on Carlton first doing the dance to the self-serious Tom Jones.

The Carlton’s not all, though. There’s “The Whip” and “The Nae Nae,” obviously since Steph and his daughter are both doing it, and even CP3’s hyper-cool son is busting it out at games.

But there are others, too. The Cat Daddy, made famous by Kate Upton and the lascivious photog, Terry Richardson. The Worm. No, not the five-time NBA champion power forward, the serpentine dance move that ruins that guy’s tuxedo at the wedding.

Plus, “Jump On It,” and a host of MJ-inspired movements. Not that MJ, but the other one.

Get up and dance.