Most Of The Elite ‘NBA 2K17’ Ratings Have Leaked, And LeBron Is Once Again King

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The NBA 2K17 release is just around the corner, and that means all sorts of fun things to look forward to. One of the most recent things involves the ratings of the players. Some rookies and younger players have already tweeted out their own thoughts about where they’re ranked, but now the the ratings for the top players in the NBA appear to have have leaked (hat tip to Pounding the Rock for putting them on our radar).

It’s no surprise LeBron James leads the way with a 96 rating. King James reclaimed his throne during the 2016 Finals and 2K reflects that dominance. Steph Curry comes in second with a 94 rating, which isn’t too shabby for the reigning unanimous MVP. While NBA 2K16 couldn’t quite capture Steph’s brilliance from beyond 30 feet, 2K17 has Curry casually draining 30 footers off the pick and roll with ease — you know, like real life. He’ll be the cause of at least a few broken controllers this season.

LeBron topped the preseason 2K ratings last year at a 94 overall. As the season progressed, and the Curry threes piled up, Steph and LeBron jockeyed for the top spot all season with both players finishing at a 96. The ratings clash mirrored a very real one-on-one battle between LeBron and Steph that came to a boiling point in the ’16 Finals. That battle may not have as much bite this season with Kevin Durant joining Golden State and LeBron removing an Ohio-sized chip from his shoulder. Neither LeBron or Steph made an astronomical leap between last year’s ratings and now, but the Klaw in San Antonio did.

Kawhi Leonard didn’t crack the top 10 in the 2K16 preseason ratings. He’s a former Finals MVP and the reigning Defensive Player of the Year with a modest (for him) 87 rating, but Kawhi made the leap both on the court and in 2K during the 2016 season. He enters this season with a 93 rating, which ties him for third with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

The former Thunder duo will no longer terrorize 2K players online with their unworldly athleticism. Westbrook, and his one man crusade, should see a significant in-season ratings boost with all the stats he’ll pile up this season.

Normally, 2K updates the rosters right before the season starts, which gives Hassan Whiteside plenty of time to plead for a boost to his 85 overall rating. Blake Griffin probably has the biggest gripe over his rating: It dropped a point after a tumultuous, injury ridden season. It should take but a few triple-doubles early in the season for Blake to bump right back up to a 90.

2K ratings are a subjective measure of a player’s talent, but when taking a broad view of the ratings, it reveals the stark talent disparity across the league. The Warriors, with their free agent prize Kevin Durant, are quite obviously the most talented team in the league. That talent looks even more absurd when they have four players rated in the top 10 for 2K.

Here are the top 10 who have leaked:

LeBron James – 96

Stephen Curry – 94

Kevin Durant – 93

Russell Westbrook – 93

Kawhi Leonard – 93

Anthony Davis – 90

Klay Thompson – 90

Draymond Green – 90

James Harden – 90

And here are the rest of the player ratings that have leaked; although, no one from the Wizards has trickled out for some reason.

Atlanta Hawks
Millsap – 86
Howard – 84

Boston Celtics
Thomas – 85
Horford – 85
Bradley – 82
Crowder – 81

Brooklyn Nets
Lopez – 81
Lin – 76
Bogdanovic – 76

Charlotte Hornets
Walker – 85
Kidd-Gilchrist – 79
Batum – 79

Chicago Bulls
Butler – 88
Wade – 87
Rondo – 81

Cleveland Cavaliers
James – 96
Irving – 89
Love – 82

Dallas Mavericks
Nowitzki – 84
Barnes – 79

Denver Nuggets
Gallinari – 80
Faried – 80

Detroit Pistons
Drummond – 87
Jackson – 82

Golden State Warriors
Curry – 94
Durant – 93
Thompson – 90
Green – 90

Houston Rockets
Harden – 90

Indiana Pacers
George – 90

Los Angeles Clippers
Paul – 91
Griffin – 87
Jordan – 85

Los Angeles Lakers
Russell – 79
Ingram – 78

Memphis Grizzlies
Conley – 85
Gasol – 85

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Miami Heat
Bosh – 86
Whiteside – 85
Dragic – 78

Milwaukee Bucks
Antetokounmpo – 83
Middleton – 81

Minnesota Timberwolves
Towns – 88
Wiggins – 82

New Orleans Pelicans
Davis – 90

New York Knicks
Anthony – 88
Rose – 80
Porzingis – 80

Oklahoma City Thunder
Westbrook – 93
Adams – 81

Orlando Magic
Vucevic – 80

Philadelphia 76ers
Okafor – 79
Simmons – 79

Phoenix Suns
Bledsoe – 85

Portland Trailblazers
Lillard – 89
McCollum – 83

Sacramento Kings
Cousins – 90
Gay – 80

San Antonio Spurs
Leonard – 93
Aldridge – 88
Gasol – 84
Parker – 80

Toronto Raptors
DeRozan – 87
Lowry – 86
Valanciunas – 82

Utah Jazz
Favors – 85
Hayward – 84
Gobert – 81

Washington Wizards
(None Shown)

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You can use the Warriors, or any other team, to wreak havoc online when NBA 2K17 drops on September 20.

(Operation Sports; H/T Pounding the Rock)