The Newest ‘NBA 2K17’ Trailer Shows The Stars And Stunning Gameplay Visuals You’ve Been Waiting For

09.14.16 3 years ago

We’re less than a week away from the release of NBA 2K17, which is scheduled to hit stores on Sept. 20.

And 2K Sports has released the game’s most expansive and revealing trailer yet, demonstrating just how cutting-edge the gameplay is. While previous promos have focused on things like stars in new homes and the authenticity of the virtual NBA arenas, this one is just a good old-fashioned trailer for a basketball game.

It also largely showcases the on-court visuals of the game — which is the point of all of this, after all — without any extra frills. As a bonus, you get a preview of what will take place on Oct. 25: Cleveland Cavaliers ring night. By stepping away from the extra features and focusing on what it will actually look like to play virtual basketball in 2K17, this video captures the essence of what is at its core a great NBA video game. The level of realism in here, right down to the players’ tattoos and the staggering detail of the jerseys.

The gameplay looks gorgeous when you get to see it in action, and if you weren’t already excited for 2K17 to be released, this should do the trick.

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