The Newest ‘NBA 2K17’ Trailer Shows Off All The Crazy Paths You Can Choose In MyCareer Mode

09.07.16 3 years ago 4 Comments

Michael B. Jordan knows the grind. Despite a stirring 12-episode turn on HBO’s The Wire as a teenager in 2002, it wasn’t until 2013’s Fruitvale Station that one of Hollywood’s brightest young stars received the acclaim he’d long been due. Now, with an Oscar nomination and headlining role in the Rocky franchise under his belt, Jordan is officially an A-lister, the rare actor that’s equally desired by film studios, directors, and movie goers alike.

Who better, then, to help your MyPlayer traverse the sometimes rocky terrain to stardom in NBA 2K17? But just because Jordan is along for the ride doesn’t mean it won’t be bumpy.

With success comes money, with money comes notoriety, and with notoriety come the pitfalls of temptation. Physical gifts alone aren’t good enough in the NBA. For a player to even come close to reaching his ceiling, he must be as measured off the court as he is dedicated on it. Attention from family, friends, agents, and star-chasers can be a luxury, but only when treated with a mature sense of foresight.

As always, your choices will determine how far you go and how high you climb in MyCAREER. You create your destiny. With Jordan by your side as teammate Justise Young in NBA 2K17, though, the colored hews of right and wrong should stand in starker contrast – and perhaps be marked my more drama – than ever before.

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