‘NBA 2K18’ Released The Official Cover With Kyrie Irving In His Celtics Uniform

Kyrie Irving getting traded to the Celtics threw the entire NBA world into a fit of chaos and confusion, as the Cavs and Celtics (the East’s two best teams) were swapping star point guards and, potentially, shifting the balance of power.

While players, media, and fans were trying to understand the on-court ramifications of the trade, as well as what it means for the futures of both franchises, elsewhere, the folks at 2K Sports were frantically dealing with a new, unfortunate dilemma. Their cover athlete for NBA 2K18 had just been traded less than a month before the game’s launch and they now needed to make a fix.

It’s one thing for a player to be traded and the game to make a roster update, but it’s another for the guy on the cover and the disc itself to get traded and suddenly all the sleeves and promotional images be out of date. We got our first glimpse at the cover with Celtics Kyrie from an on-screen display on the Nintendo Switch from a recent 2K event, but on Thursday morning they finally released the official image of the new cover.

It’s the same image as from the on-screen display from a week ago, with Irving in his new Boston No. 11 jersey and in a different pose than he had on the Cavs cover. This finally concludes the saga of Irving’s cover status, and the Celtics Kyrie edition will hit stores at some point in the near future, with the game’s official release coming in just over a week when pre-orders are handed out on September 15.