‘NBA 2K18’ Predicts A Steph Curry-LeBron James Duel In Game 1 Of The Finals

05.31.18 10 months ago

NBA 2K18

Game 1 of the NBA Finals tips off at 9 p.m. ET on ABC as the Warriors host the Cavaliers to begin the Finals for the fourth straight year.

Despite this being Year 4 of this rivalry, there are some new storylines to follow, even if the major players are the same (with the exception of the departure of Kyrie Irving from the Cavs this season). The Warriors have finally looked somewhat vulnerable, but can reassert dominance with an emphatic series win. The Cavaliers are the rag-tag group of underdogs that happen to be led by the best player in the world, who at times has almost physically dragged them through the postseason. In addition to that, LeBron James could be playing his last games as a member of the Cavs and everything that happens in this series and the outcome will be judged as an indication of what his decision will be.

We won’t know that outcome for sure for at least another week, but we can turn to NBA 2K18 for some guidance as to what will happen. The results of our series simulation can be found here, but for those that want to take a look into the future for Thursday night’s Game 1, we have something for you as well. Below you can watch the video of our Game 1 sim (or here, if that isn’t working), as well as the results of the game.

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