The ‘NBA2K 18’ Trailer Will Get You Even More Excited With Some Help From Mobb Deep

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving top the list of players looking a bit “shook” in the latest trailer for NBA 2K18. The 2K Sports basketball vehicle is slowly hyping up its newest release with player ratings and lots of teasers, but its latest trailer gives us our best look yet at what we’ll see on the virtual court when the game drops on September 15.

The slick trailer features Mobb Deep‘s “Shook Ones,” which works because the term has many different meanings here. The digital versions of NBA superstars shake defenders, shake heads and some just generally look frustrated on the court in the trailer.

One clever moment comes from the current drama going down in Cleveland. One shot of LeBron James is followed by a quick cut to NBA 2K18 cover athlete Kyrie Irving, who appears to be looking right at James thanks to the editing.


But seriously, there are a lot of frustrated players shown in the 2-minute trailer.

There are also thunderous dunks from Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, some slick passing and plenty of celebrations. It’s slickly done overall, highlighting some of the gameplay you’ll see when the game drops next month as well as the improved player renderings that impress even when compared to last year’s edition of the game. The game is going for realism, which works here: in a league dominated by the Warriors with the Cavaliers on the brink of disaster, it’s a pretty frustrating place right now.