The ‘Art Of The Dunk’ Celebrates The Most Iconic Moments In All-Star History

All-Star Weekend has so many memorable moments it’s hard to capture them all. YouTube has helped, although some of those clips are grainy and have been recorded over recordings so many times you can barely read the number on the back of a jersey. But as they always say, it’s the thought that counts.

That’s the beauty of the NBA. From folklore and urban legends to the days of instant highlights and 4k video, the league creates lasting memories and actually encourages people to dig deeper into the history of the game every night. Not every sport does this, not willingly anyway, or makes it as accessible as the NBA.

And for some, there’s no better history than the history of the dunk, especially over All-Star Weekend. The dunk is art. That cannot be denied. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a great dunk is worth 10 times that. So Turner and Instagram teamed up to create “The Art Of The Dunk,” a collaboration with 10 different artists, which will be spotlighted on NBATV’s Instagram page and Facebook over All-Star Weekend.

The results are pretty amazing, and here are just a few of the pics that’ll be debuted.

“Turner Sports is always focused on sharing the excitement of the NBA with fans in new and innovative ways,” Matt Wickline, senior director of social for Turner Sports says. “Working collaboratively with designers that have the same passion for the ‘Art of the Dunk’ allows us to provide a new outlook on one of most exciting events of NBA All-Star weekend.”

The 10 illustrators are as follows:

If this year’s Dunk Contest lives up to the hype, there’ll be at least another piece of art for fans to enjoy on All-Star Saturday night.