The League Is Leaning Towards Not Making The New NBA All-Star Draft Results Public

12.16.17 2 years ago

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In an effort to spice up All-Star Weekend, the NBA announced sweeping changes to the game format back in October. The new format will feature a fan-voted captain for the East and West All-Star teams, and team captains will then pick from the remaining pool of 22 All-Stars, resulting in players from the East playing for the West, and vice versa.

The NBA is hoping that the new format will turn what has been a forgettable 48-minute layup line into a competitive basketball game. There is some skepticism among NBA fans and insiders that simply changing the format will result in a better on-court product, but you have to applaud the NBA for trying something new.

If nothing else, watching the draft should provide its fair share of memorable moments. If LeBron James is captain, will he pick Kyrie Irving? If Kevin Durant is captain, will he pick Russell Westbrook? Who is going to be the last pick? These are things NBA fans want to see play out on live television.

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