You Can Vote For The NBA All-Star Game Through Google Search Now

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Say goodbye to the #NBAVote hashtag flooding your Twitter timeline and say hello to Google assistant casting your vote for you. This holiday season you can yell at the Google home to put the Time Lord into the All-Star Game, as the NBA and Google announced a partnership to help fans cast All-Star votes on Monday.

Starting on Christmas Day as the NBA world takes over your holiday gatherings, you can use Google search and your Google Home or assistant on your phone to cast votes for you. That’s right, you can now shout at the device listening to every noise in your home to make sure your favorite well-deserving NBA player will be in the league’s annual skills showcase.


Gone is the #NBAVote that would count votes on Twitter. Apparently all you now have to do is type a players’ name into the search bar and the ballot will appear to allow you to contribute to the NBA’s democratic process.

The more traditional voting through the NBA app or at NBA.com will apply as well, but saying “Google, talk to NBA All-Star.” out loud now also apparently works. Which is a fun party trick I guess. In any event, fans can fill out a single 10-player ballot per day from Christmas Day until January 21, and votes on January 3-4, 10-11 and 21 all count twice.