Presenting The Archetypes For The 2017-18 NBA Season

10.17.17 2 years ago

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Every NBA season is different. Players change teams. Teams hire new coaches or executives. The conference hierarchy shakes out in a different way and we get different playoff matchups. A lot of times we get different Finals participants and often we wind up with a different champion.

But of course, because the NBA is and has been a league that consists of 30 teams featuring 13-15 players, five of whom are on the court at a given time, there are also things about every season that are the same. A player or a team from one season conjures images of a player or team from the past. Patterns repeat themselves. Archetypes form.

Acknowledging this reality, it’s worth identifying a few of those archetypes, and figuring out which players or teams have fit the bill before, and which might do so during the season.

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