Watch The NBA’s 60 Best Crossovers Of The Season In One 15-Minute Video

08.30.15 3 years ago

We’re not sure how the NBA arrived at a nice round number like 60 for their highlight reel of the season’s best crossovers, though we’ll certainly take it. But proceed with caution: you might want to get your ankles taped up before you watch it. Chris Paul, in particular, is probably still feeling sore from all the times Steph Curry and others victimized him this season.

Some of the more surprising appearances include Steve Blake, Ronny Price, Alexey Shved, and even Deron Williams who is all over this video looking like his old All-Star self. And what would an enormous list like this be without a few requisite big men like Blake Griffin and DeMarcus Cousins showing off their handles as well?

If we had to choose a favorite, it’d be hard to argue against Curry dribbling between four Clippers defenders before launching and draining an ill-advised three, which Jeff Van Gundy said could be the greatest move he’s ever seen live. However, Kemba Walker’s behind-the-back crossover and three-pointer that sent Nikola Mirotic sailing out of the picture is definitely a good sleeper choice.

But getting back to CP3 for minute, let’s not forget that he’s both a very good defender and, more importantly, certainly no slouch when it comes to ball-handling. That said, it’s a little curious that his own ankle-breaking exploits were omitted from this list entirely, especially when there were at least a few very good ones to choose from.

(via NBA and Black9ne)

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