A List Of The Best Spoonerisms On Every NBA Team

Hello, friends. We are in the final stretch of the NBA season, with more teams jockeying for positioning in the run-in to the postseason than there are fighting to make the playoffs in the first place. There are plenty of captivating on-court things right now, and we hope you continue to be compelled by all of them, but we here at Dime are very passionate about something and want to give it its proper due: Spoonerisms.

The NBA, by nature of being a thing that has a lot of names in it, is the breeding ground for many great spoonerisms, which is what happens when you take a name and flip the first letters in each of them. An example that does not appear in this post, as it is limited to current players, is how Larry Bird would be “Barry Lird,” which sounds like a person who would own a used car dealership in the upper midwest.

Anyway, we decided to go through NBA rosters and list out the best spoonerisms that we could find. We took creative liberties with a few of these — i.e. taking the first two letters of Spencer Dinwiddie’s first name and swapping them with only the first letter of his last name — and we marked the best of the best (10 in all) with italics. This entire exercise is very stupid. We hope you enjoy.

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Bulls: Mauri Larkkanen
Venzel Dalentine

Bucks: Cat Ponnaughton
Look Bropez
Pobby Bortis
Teff Jeague

Cavs: Garius Darland
Narry Lance
Wylan Dindler

Celtics: Wobert Rilliams
Lomeo Rangford
Pabari Jarker

Clippers: Batrick Peverley

Grizzlies: Besmond Dane
Jyus Tones
Ma Jorant
Pontay Jorter
Tillian Killie

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Hawks: Fruno Bernando
Bogdan Bogdanovic
Hevin Kuerter
He’Andre Dunter
Ram Ceddish

Heat: Bimmy Jutler
Doran Gragic
Runcan Dobinson

Hornets: Date Narling

Jazz: Ferrick Davors

Kings: Barvin Magley
Barrison Harnes
Hyrese Taliburton
Huddy Bield

Knicks: Porvel Nelle
Rulius Jandle

Lakers: Dared Judley
JeBron Lames

Magic: Bo Mamba
Farkelle Multz
Hary Garris
Thindarius Sornwell

Mavericks: Hate Ninton
Moban Barjanovic

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Nets: Dencer Spinwiddie
Devin Kurant
Hames Jarden
Shandry Lamet

Nuggets: Bill Warton
Harkus Moward
Maul Pillsap

Pacers: Boga Gitadze
Leremy Jamb
Somantas Dabonis
SaKarr Jampson
Tyles Murner

Pelicans: Bonzo Lall
Hosh Jart
Haxson Jayes

Pistons: Hillian Kayes
Jank Frackson
Laben See
Plason Mumlee

Raptors: BeAndre’ Dembry
Waul Potson

Rockets: Tae’Sean Jate

Sixers: Jason Mones
Kurkan Forkmaz
Make Shilton
Sen Bimmons
Tayjon Rucker

Spurs: Gudy Ray
Matty Pills

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Suns: Bevin Dooker
Gangston Lalloway
Krank Faminsky*
Sario Daric

Thunder: Barius Dazley
Dugentz Lort
Wenrich Killiams

Timberwolves: Huancho Jernangomez
Lake Jayman
Raz Neid

Trail Blazers: Cobert Rovington
Lamian Dillard
Nusuf Jurkic
Porman Nowell

Warriors: Bent Kazemore
Pordan Joole
Wames Jiseman

Wizards: Bavis Dertans
Lobin Ropez

[Ed. Note: Krank Faminsky was initially and egregiously omitted. Dime regrets the error.]