The NBA Daily Betting Guide 10/16/18: Opening Night Rivalries

10.16.18 5 months ago

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The NBA regular season tips off on Tuesday night as the Celtics head to Philadelphia to face the Sixers and the Thunder get to watch the Warriors pick up their championship rings before playing in Oakland.

With the regular season set to begin, there are finally some real, live, meaningful basketball games to bet on and, with sports betting becoming more and more commonplace, we figured we’d try something new for this season. So, I’d like to introduce you to our NBA Daily Betting Guide. Basically, we want to give you a one-stop shop for the day’s NBA lines (spreads, moneylines, and totals) that also gives you the up-to-date trends that are relevant to that game.

So, a teams record against the spread overall and for the given situation (say, on back-to-backs, with multiple days rest, etc.), on Overs and Unders, and any other relevant information will be listed out under the game. Occasionally I might editorialize a bit and offer my own personal lean on a game, but I promise to make it clear when I’m handing out a pick (buyer beware, if you’ve kept up with my CFB column) and otherwise I’m just presenting all the information you should have to make your own informed wagering decision.

All lines, including opening lines set to the side to show movement, come from the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook and trend information is from (for now, data is from last year). Let’s begin!

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