NBA’s ‘City Edition’ and Swingman Jerseys Give Fans Something To Look Forward To In 2018

The behemoth known as Nike doesn’t respect the downtime of post-Christmas finances. Everyone knows that people are busy budgeting on how they’re paying the credit cards down after the holidays and need to cut down on the swag just a little bit.

Clearly Nike doesn’t care about our wallet struggle, as the designs for some of the “City Edition” and swingman versions of jerseys for the 2017-18 season have leaked for some of the teams. It’d just be a fair warning for those with a tendency to spend money on NBA gear that you might want to look away now, for your own benefit.

The early release of the official designs were first posted on Wednesday morning by Conrad Burry, who let us know a decent portion of these designs were coming earlier in the month . There are a few designs that people hadn’t seen prior to the NBA 2K18 leak.

If that weren’t enough, the Sixers brass decided to reveal their version of the city edition’s shortly after the leak.


On the Nike Website, the design influences for each jersey are revealed and in certain cases, like the Sixers, they emphasize a historical reference. Via Nike.

This Philadelphia 76ers City Edition uniform celebrates American freedom with a parchment paper-inspired base color, script that mimics the original Declaration of Independence and an anthem that nods to the unity of colonies.

Just look at how clean the Sixers jersey is. Simple yet elegant scripting, and classic blue and white for the jerseys. The Wizards are going with a similar clean look, with a tiny nod to the DMV area with the “The District” on the front of those jerseys. Clean, simple and something you might not be embarrassed to be seen wearing in public.

Some fans may feel some of these jerseys need a tweak or two before the final release (Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs, looking at you), but Nike is giving customers a small retail respite after all, as these jerseys won’t even be worn until late January, which likely means the earliest they ship will likely be during the All-Star Break in February. This gives all of us time to get our coins right and pick a few of these up.