This Is What Every Team Should Focus On In This Year’s NBA Draft

and 06.20.17 10 months ago

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Save for the Golden State Warriors, every NBA team will head into the 2017 Draft needing something. This doesn’t necessarily mean their answer lies in the 60 players that will be selected on draft night. It could mean that a team needs a plan for the future, to trade for an already-established player, or to make sure its scouting department is ready for undrafted free agents to market.

Really, this is what makes the draft such an exciting night. Not only are you watching college players make the jump to the pros, but you’re watching teams make such massive investments in their future. Front offices get cleared out because of the draft, while executives build up reputations for being brilliant based on what they do in the second round. It’s always fun, it’s always thrilling, and it’s always one of the best nights of the year in the basketball world.

This year, we know one thing: The Philadelphia 76ers are going to take Markelle Fultz with the No. 1 pick. Beyond that, there are 29 teams that are kind of just figuring out how to react after various dominoes fall, even the ones that don’t have picks. We decided to help all of these teams out by letting them know what they need to do at this year’s draft.

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