Why Trading The No. 1 Pick Would Be A Stroke Of Genius By Celtics GM Danny Ainge

06.17.17 8 months ago 6 Comments

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Now that the NBA season has come to a close, we can now look forward to one of the deepest drafts in history. In other years, players who’d normally be considered late first rounders are now looking at going in the second round, while lottery pick-level talent is getting bumped down. It’s a draft where every pick matters, which is great news for the Boston Celtics, as they have the No. 1 selection this year.

However, it’s been reported from multiple sources that Boston is strongly considering sending the top pick to the Philadelphia 76ers for a package of picks. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo’s The Vertical reported that the framework within the deal was Philadelphia sending this year’s third pick, an unprotected 2018 pick (which belongs to the Los Angeles Lakers), and a potential 2021 selection.

While many people are scowling at Danny Ainge for this potential deal because of his asset-hoarding past, there’s more to it than just the trade itself. Looking at it by comparing the picks that would move, it’s still a great haul with 2018’s draft looking like it may be just as deep as this year. That means two possible top five picks in the next two offseasons.

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