The Five Best NBA Draft Prospects In Each NCAA Tournament Region

03.19.19 5 months ago

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The 2019 NBA Draft class doesn’t project as one for the ages. With that said, the NCAA Tournament has a funny way of making some prospects a lot of money and the 2019 edition opens this week to provide that opportunity to a number of intriguing players.

To commemorate the occasion, we’ll look ahead to the festivities with a glance at 20 draft prospects that will be dancing this week, picking the best five in each tournament region. This isn’t an exact science given the imbalanced nature of the way prospects are distributed through the field but, if nothing else, these players should be in the mix as June nears.

Let’s get to the list, beginning with the South region and rolling through the West, East, and Midwest regions of this year’s March Madness bracket.

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