A Timeline Of The NBA’s Evolving (And Sometimes Embarrassing) Draft Day Fashion

11.17.16 3 years ago

Getty / Youtube

Beyond the actual players, and the impact they may one day make on woefully desperate franchises, the NBA Draft has always been about fashion. People care more today about what Amar’e Stoudemire wore when the Phoenix Suns picked him 9th overall in 2002 than they do about him being the first high schooler to win Rookie of the Year. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because look at what he was wearing:

Sorry, that’s not from the ’02 draft. I meant this image. The one where he looks like someone stretched out his torso in Photoshop. That image has found a home on countless “Worst of” NBA Draft fashion rankings, but it also comes from a long-gone era of poor, sloppy fashion decisions, undoubtedly made by style icons and trendsetters trying to make names for themselves. But while we will never ever (never ever ever ever) remember Erick Dampier’s stylist or designer for his 1996 draft suit (below), things are changing.

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