These Are The Most Overlooked Rim-Rattlers In NBA Dunk Contest History

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dwight howard

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The NBA Dunk Contest is back again tonight and after Zach LaVine returned it to its rightful place as the hallmark All-Star Saturday night last year, we’re eagerly anticipating this year’s competition. Except, do you remember Victor Oladipo’s 540-degree double-pump reverse? Probably not, and if you did it’s because only a year has passed since the dunk contest’s return to relevance at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

The same cannot be said for the five dunks we show below. Only one player out of the five actually went on to win the competition, and the dunk we picked for him was overlooked after he donned a Superman cape, the defining dunk and image of his 2008 win. That’s just the first of five dunks that still leave us agog today, even if most of the NBA-watching populace has completely forgotten about them, and if you pay careful attention to the tonight’s competition, and you might find the next overlooked dunk.

Dwight Howard’s Self Alley-Oop Off The Backboard (2008)

The aforementioned Dwight was just supposed to be Clark Kent for this one, but the ability to softly lob it off the backboard while in midair, then catch it with this off hand — while still in mid-air — before flushing it, still leaves us breathless. Dwight isn’t very popular with his peers these days, but there was a time when his childish personality was brushed aside by players and fans alike because he could do such incredible things while flying through the air with a basketball in his hand.

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