NBA Film Crew Had $40,000 Of Equipment Stolen From Their Van While Dining At Panda Express

06.05.15 3 years ago 7 Comments
Oracle Arena

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Three members of a production crew for NBA Entertainment had a rough start to the NBA Finals earlier this week. On Tuesday afternoon, $40,000 worth of equipment was stolen from their van near Oracle Arena as it was parked outside a Panda Express restaurant where they were eating.

Shortly after 2 p.m., thieves broke one of the van’s windows and made off with five laptops, camera equipment, cell phones, and some of the crew member’s personal items.

The shopping center parking lot where the burglary took place has been a problem spot in the past with many reported burglaries, so an increased police presence is expected for the remainder of the NBA Finals.

[via Oakland Tribune, Bleacher Report]

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