NBA Fashion: What’s Hot & Whack In The Streets, Vol. 4

From Jordan‘s sneakers to Iverson‘s tattoos, the NBA and its players have long had an influence that reaches far beyond the basketball court… and today, the league’s focus on fashion seems to be climbing to entirely new heights. With resources like Twitter and Instagram at their fingertips, many players are captivated by a perpetual quest to promote the latest trend. This obsession with social media, in conjunction with a mass hipster movement and David Stern‘s implementation of the dress code, has resulted in a fair bit of questionable dressing.

How many of the fishing lures from Russell Westbrook‘s shirt have actually caught on, though? You see, it’s ultimately up to you to decide… and for this reason we ask you, what’s really hot in the streets?

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Who: Dorell Wright
What: Givenchy Star & Striped Detail Polo, black jeans and red Buschemi sneakers
Where: Las Vegas
When: September 14, 2013
What I think: Dorell actually pulled this off. Seen here at that Mayweather vs. Canelo fight at MGM Grand, Wright put together quite the ensemble with this outfit. If this outfit had any relation to scoring points in a game, it would put numbers on the board.

Who: Anthony Bennett
What: new tattoo
Where: Instagram
When: two months ago
What I think: Let’s get a round of applause for the kid Anthony Bennett and his new ink. Reppin’ Toronto with this new tattoo, it displays the CN tower surrounded by a few Canadian leaves. Unlike most NBA players with whack tattoos (see Richard Jefferson‘s “RJ” tat), Anthony Bennett definitely put on for Toronto with this one.

Who: Danny Green
What: OVOXO Sweater
Where: Instagram
When: two weeks ago
What I think: Quick! Squint your eyes, tilt your head to the left and brighten your screen. Now, does Danny Green look like Drizzy Drake a lil’ bit?! No? Thought so. Clearly, Danny is trying his best Drake impression and well… it didn’t work. Judging by his pics with his idol and sporting OVOXO gear, he could pass for a stunt double. Well at least he thinks so.

Who: Kevin Durant
What: Don C Snakeskin Washington Redskins cap, blue jeans, Nike “Redskins Just Do It” Tee and Nike KD VI “Wheat”
Where: Redskins at Cowboys game
When: Oct 13, 2013
What I think: Kevin Durant really knows how to show out for his city. Seen here sporting everything Redskins at Dallas, it’s clear that KD is a true fan. Gotta give a thumps up to KD for this one. Kudos.

Who: Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan
What: “Suits, Suits and more Suits”
Where: Instagram
When: three months ago
What I think: You can never go wrong with a good tailored suit, especially if it’s pulled off right. Suits are always a good look, unless you pull a Samaki Walker and dress as “Magic Don Juan” on draft day. Judging by the “Rat Pack” description, I guess DeAndre Jordan is Sammy Davis Jr. and Blake Griffin is Frank Sinatra.

Who: Serge Ibaka
What: “McDowell Uniform”
Where: Instagram
When: October 31, 2013
What I think: Well Serge Ibaka nailed it with this one, taking us back to the Coming To America days. Dressing up as Prince Akeem when he worked at “McDowell’s,” Serge definitely earned some points with this outfit. It was a great outfit but can only be worn on Halloween, so if you’re thinking of pulling this out this winter… don’t! It’s only a costume guys.

Who: Thomas Robinson
What: JoyRich Jukebox Floral Jacket, black jeans, Black Nike Air Yeezy II
Where: Instagram (Photoshoot)
When: three weeks ago
What I think: I can’t be mad at the big homie T-Rob for this one right here. Sporting a clean look, Thomas Robinson is one of the few big men in the league that can actually dress, not to mention having the Yeezy IIs on his feet doesn’t hurt either.

What do you think?

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