What Were The Officials Doing In Overtime, And Why Did They Miss These Calls?

We need to talk about the officiating in overtime of Game 2. The refs weren’t good all game, I think both teams can admit as much. But they were particularly awful during overtime. With 1:35 to go, LeBron was hacked on the arm by Andre Iguodala. It was obvious in real time and it was obvious on replay. Everyone in the arena knew it was a foul but referee Tony Brothers, who sat their bewildered, wondering how the basketball went straight up in the air in an “all ball” situation.

And yes, it should be noted that LeBron traveled before the foul. That may have played into the Brothers no-call. Its’ impossible to know for sure. That being said, the refs missed a multitude of obvious travels in Game 2. This one, for example, didn’t even make sense.

Then there was the jump-ball sequence. Now Draymond Green has been known to pull this move a few times. Hell, he even did it in college at Michigan State. Right as your opponent jumps, you quickly put your arm on their shoulder to throw off their balance. It’s a savvy, veteran move and also kinda cheap.

Alas, the refs were none the wiser.

The third call is especially weird given the amount of contact that occurred just seconds before with LeBron and Andre Iguodala. Also, refs were told before last season to be weary of these types of plays (where players jump into their opponent). Sure, this isn’t an egregiously bad call, but still bizarre given the previous missed ones.

We’ll wait and see what the NBA’s official report says. Suffice it to say, there may be some “oops, our bad” admissions.