NBA Focus Shifts From Draft To Lockout; Kahn Strikes Again & Jan Vesely’s Girl Takes Center Stage

Remember Jan Vesely‘s Notebook-worthy kiss of his girlfriend last night? Her name is Eva Koudouskova and she’s taller than half of Minnesota’s roster. There are some hilarious YouTube videos of her and Jan where the reporters ask her all about her game (she hoops), with Vesely standing to the side like a sick puppy, only getting questions like “Where did you meet her?” or “How do you pronounce her last name?” Normally when Euros come over for the league, it’s the GFs that end up being left behind. At least she’s catching her five minutes of fame. Now we sufficiently feel creepy … One of those weird final draft picks that had the crew actually laughing while trying to pronounce their names? Yeah, one was busted for lying about his age yesterday. “Targuy Ngombo” is actually Tanguy Ngombo and he’s actually 26 years old and soon-to-be 27; wasn’t even draft eligible. Guess who ended up with him at the end of the draft? KAAAAAAAHNNNNNN … There were a bunch of great players who weren’t drafted yesterday. Check out our 10 best … Lakers’ GM Mitch Kupchak dismissed all the trade speculation swirling around the organization yesterday, saying it’s the agents who are revving everything up. Okay Mitch, so you didn’t offer Lamar Odom for the No. 2 pick? You didn’t contemplate a Gasol for Love/No. 2 swap? You didn’t dangle Odom at Golden State for Monta Ellis? Odom for Iguodala? None of that was on your end? … Speaking of the Lakers, Mike Brown says he’s fine with Kobe‘s silence. Brown says the two have met and talked on the phone a few times to discuss strategy/family/life. While we certainly don’t see a rebellion on the horizon, isn’t it a little weird that Kobe hasn’t publicly pledged his support? … And if you didn’t know already, Monta wants out of Golden State. That’s what happens when the owner and GM drag your name through the mud, draft someone at your position and then awkwardly try to deny it all. Where do you think he’ll end up? Hopefully with a contender, but who’s willing to give up the goods for him? Portland? Maybe. Orlando? Could be. The Lakers have already put in an offer. Where’s the best place for Ellis? … Memphis has extended a qualifying offer to Marc Gasol and will be able to match any contract he’s offered … Scottie Pippen backtracked off his “LeBron might be best all-around player ever” comments, proclaiming Michael Jordan as the GOAT and saying his comments were probably taken out of context. It’s easy to say that now, after LeBron disappeared for about two weeks on the biggest stage in the biggest games of his life … While this year’s draft class figures to be one of the all-time worst (seriously, how many of these guys can you really believe will be impact players?), next year’s class is LOADED. Barnes, Davis, Jones, Sullinger, Rivers. Those guys all might’ve gone No. 1 this year. The good thing for most of these lottery teams is that they aren’t sniffing the playoffs. They’ll be back to feast again next year. But is there one who could make the leap? … In the latest labor meetings, about 50 players showed up to discussions with white shirts that had “STAND” in big, black letters. They want everyone to know they’re in this together and that they will stand up to the owners. Good for them, not good for us. Check out this quote from Charles Barkley (on Tthe Dan Patrick Show”) in the Chicago Sun-Times: “”Honestly, I don’t think were going to play at all next year. Everything is out of whack. These owners are in it for Armageddon” … We’re out like Tanguy Ngombo.

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