The NBA G League Will Broadcast Its Games On Twitch And Offer Fan Commentary

12.13.17 1 year ago

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The NBA has a new broadcast partner that will be very familiar to anyone who plays video games. The NBA announced on Wednesday that the G League will have its games broadcast on Twitch, a streaming video site known for its live plays and let’s watch videos for various console and computer games.

The newly-rebranded developmental league will have up to six of its games on Twitch per week. But the deal is not just to show games in their standard format we’re all used to on TV. The NBA and Twitch have big plans to change the way fans watch, and interact, with the games itself.

Twitch’s draw is not just to watch people play video games, but also treat the games like broadcasts themselves. That includes commentating on matches, interacting with viewers, and providing additional information, context, to the game itself. That’s something both partners seem to want to emulate with basketball here.

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