Watch The NBA Impersonator Superbly Lampoon Referee Joey Crawford

The NBA impersonator, Brandon Armstrong, has become a bit of a household name this summer. He successfully mimed Russell Westbrook for some laughs without actually pissing off the hyper-intense Thunder point guard. Next up was #WhyNot Russell’s former teammate, James Harden. Then, it was Harden’s childhood hero, Kobe Bryant, who would get the full Bdot treatment. Now, Armstrong, who goes by @BdotAdot5 on Twitter, has infamous egomaniacal referee Joey Crawford in his crosshairs, and we almost want it to be more malicious.

The obvious choice is Crawford falling, being that it’s happened a couple times.

But then there’s the time he showed off his vertical to stop Nikola Mirotic from taking a free throw before he cleared up a scoreboard issue.

Yeah, everyone’s favorite NBA impersonator spoofs that and more. Who do you want Armstrong to go after next?

(Via BdotAdot5)