The NBA Impersonator Finally Blessed Us With A Breathtaking Kevin Garnett Impression

One of the best things that happened in basketball this summer – beside the great emoji battle heard round the world – was the rise of Brandon Armonstrong, aka The NBA Impersonator, aka @BdotAdot5. He’s consistently brought us classic takes on some of the league’s most notable characters and has a real knack for zeroing in on their most distinctive personality traits, as well as their signature on-court playing style.

He’s gone after the NBA’s biggest stars, including Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Even referee Joey Crawford couldn’t escape his satirical wrath. Now, he’s back at it with perhaps the most obvious target of all, The Big Ticket himself, Kevin Garnett. We can only wonder why it took this long.

But while certain players, like Shaquille O’Neal, have had a good sense of humor about their skewerings, it remains unclear just how KG will respond this to (completely accurate) send-up, since it’s also unclear as to whether Garnett has room for something as frivolous as a sense humor in his intensely myopic neurological makeup.

A few of the highlights include KG’s penchant for psyching himself up before each game by mumbling nonsense to himself and banging his forehead on the stanchions and his habit of swatting away opponents’ shots taken after a whistle, plus a few other delightfully-absurd moments that we don’t want to ruin for you. So enjoy.

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