The NBA Impersonator Is Back And He’s Taking On Manu Ginobili

Brandon Armstrong, better known as the NBA Impersonator, has become an internet sensation with his spot-on parodies of basketball players and referees alike. Among those to be lampooned include Russell WestbrookJames Harden, Kobe Bryant and even Joey Crawford. Now, Armstrong has a take on Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs.

Armstrong absolutely crushes it with Ginobili’s flops, complaints and over-exaggerated drives to the basket. The huge one-armed dunks are superb. The constant falling down is exquisite. But nothing probably beats Armstrong wiping his face after every shot. And the jog. Oh my God, the jogging. It’s all so perfect.

Which players should Armstrong take on next? The possibilities are infinite, which makes this as good a run as, if not better than, the one the Spurs went on during their peak years.

(Via BdotAdot5)

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