NBA Instagram Fashion: What’s Hot & Not From The Past Week

From Jordan‘s sneakers to Iverson‘s tattoos, NBA players have long had an influence that reaches far beyond the court… and today, the league’s fashion focus is climbing to new heights. With resources like Twitter and Instagram, many players are captivated by a quest to promote the latest trend. This obsession with social media, in conjunction with a mass hipster movement and David Stern‘s implementation of the dress code, has resulted in a fair bit of questionable dressing.

How many of the fishing lures from Russell Westbrook‘s shirt have actually caught on, though? You see, it’s ultimately up to you to decide… and for this reason we ask you, what’s really hot in the streets?

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Who: Kevin Durant
What: Air Jordan V “Oregon Ducks”
Where: KD’s bathroom
When: 3 day ago

What I think: Last week, Kevin Durant showed off these exact shoes for the first time and it’s safe to say these are his new “go-to” kicks. Now, I’m not a big fan of the infamous “Bathroom Selfie,” let alone letting the world see your bathroom toiletries, but there is no denying these kicks are ill.

Who: Patrick Beverley
What: adidas and Jermey Scott “Silver Bear”
Where: Instagram
When: 1 week ago

What I think: I will make this quick and get to the point: These are straight up lame, if you ask me. It looks like Patrick Beverley took these from Miley Cyrus‘ closet. We all are entitled to our own fashion sense and style. But a silver bear? Really? These are a no-go.

Who: Evan Turner
What: Bo Jackson T-shirt
Where: Instagram
When: 6 days ago

What I think: There is nothing wrong with paying homage to the great Bo Jackson. Honestly, you can never do no wrong when wearing memorabilia of an outstanding athlete like Bo Jackson. Shoutout to Evan Turner, great shirt!

Who: J.R Smith
What: XBOX One
Where: Earl’s kitchen
When: 6 days ago

What I think: Our boy J.R. knows what is hot in the streets, and clearly it’s the new XBOX One. As the holidays get closer, it’s only right you lace yourself with the new XBOX.

Who: Nick Young
What: A long Flannel shirt?
Where: parking garage
When: 3 days ago

What I think: I can’t decipher if it is a shirt or women’s night gown. I mean, Nick, you sleepy or what? Nick Young is known to be one of the freshest players in the NBA, but rocking a flannel shirt an inch away from a dress is pushing it. I mean, sheesh, I know your nickname is Swaggy P but I didn’t know the P stood for parasomnia. Next time you decide to wear this, don’t.

Who: Tyshawn Taylor
What: les Plus Dores “Margiela” T-Shirt
Where: Instagram
When: 4 days ago

What I think: Tyshawn strikes gold again, showing off his designer taste for fashion. Seen here rocking this Margiela shirt, Ty is making a strong case in being among the elite best dressed in the league.

Who: Jared Cunningham
What: Air Jordan XIIIs (Playoffs)
Where: Instagram
When: 6 days ago

What I think: As you regular “Hot In The Streets” readers remember, a few weeks back Jared was featured on the list, but not for the right reasons. Good to say he finally redeemed himself by rocking these “Playoff” Js. Jordans are like the holy grail kicks of the league — you can never do wrong if you got a fresh pair on.

What do you think?

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