The NBA Will Launch A New 10-Minute Option For League Pass Games

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Few things are more frustrating than sitting on Twitter, seeing legions of basketball fans talk about how insane a game is, wanting to tune in, and realizing that you’re unable to watch it, because it’s on League Pass. The NBA has realized this, and has decided to make a new League Pass plan designed for fans who only want to tune in for a few minutes.

On Friday morning, the NBA announced a new 10-Minute Pass for games on League Pass. The name gives the plan away: For $0.99, basketball fans can tune into a game on League Pass for 10 minutes of real time. Prior to the creation of this plan, fans who wanted to check out games but didn’t have a full League Pass plan had to pay $6.99 for a single-game pass, with prices for single games dropping after each completed quarter — $4.99 after the first, $2.99 at the half, or $1.99 at the conclusion of the third.

“NBA 10-Minute Pass offers unprecedented flexibility for fans to watch live NBA games when it is convenient for them,” Chris Benyarko, NBA Senior Vice President, Direct to Consumer said in a statement. “This new offering on League Pass is an important step toward reaching and engaging the widest possible audience.”

It might not be a game changer for basketball fans, but this is a good, cheap way to check out portions of a game, especially when they see a #LeaguePassAlert get thrown out on the Twitterverse.