Get Ready To Watch As Much Basketball As Possible With Our Preseason League Pass Rankings

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Imagine it’s a random Wednesday night. You get home from work, eat dinner, and just want to watch some basketball. Fortunately for you, every single team is on at the same time, but a problem arises: How the hell are you supposed to know which game to watch?

We’re here to help with a set of NBA League Pass rankings as we enter the 2017-18 season. Unlike ESPN’s Zach Lowe, who measures a ton of different factors, we want to know which teams will be the most fun to watch on a night in and night out basis. You should, of course, watch as much hoops as possible, but if you have to prioritize one team over the rest, make sure your viewing guide looks like this.

30. Chicago Bulls

29. Orlando Magic

28. Indiana Pacers

All of these teams have some kind of bright spot — for example, three of the best dunkers in the league (Zach LaVine, Aaron Gordon, and Victor Oladipo) are capable of doing something insane on any given night. But each of them are in some stage of a re-build, so even though they all have some amount of intriguing young talent, none of them are the kind of squad you’ll want to watch with any kind of consistency. There’s still plenty of potential that someone like Nikola Mirotic or Evan Fournier or Myles Turner has a monster night you’ll want to check out, though.
27. Charlotte Hornets

26. Atlanta Hawks

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Both of these teams have a point guard that’s fun as hell. When Kemba Walker or Dennis Schroder are going up against slower guards that can’t check them, you’re going to watch for them. But beyond that, Atlanta has a ton of young (but potentially fun!) question marks like Taurean Prince and John Collins. Charlotte, meanwhile, has a whole bunch of established guys who are very solid but uninspiring like Dwight Howard, Nic Batum, Marvin Williams, and a whole bunch of other names. I do guarantee that both teams will play extremely hard, and that Malik Monk will have at least one must-watch game for the Hornets.

25. Brooklyn Nets

24. New York Knicks

Ey, I’m rebuilding here. It feels weird putting Kristaps Porzingis down here, but the Knicks have so much that they need to figure out that it’s going to be hard to justify consistently watching them. Still, Porzingis is magic, so the Knicks are worth checking out with some level of frequency. As for the Nets, they have a few guys who are either fun (Jeremy Lin), capable of being fun (D’Angelo Russell, Caris LeVert, Allen Crabbe), or will play SUPER hard every night (DeMarre Carroll, Trevor Booker).

23. Utah Jazz

22. Sacramento Kings

21. Phoenix Suns

Three teams out west that are all entertaining in their own ways, even if none are especially entertaining night in and night out. Utah’s defense and the quiet brilliance of Rudy Gobert are stellar, as is the fact that Joe Ingles is everyone who has ever played pickup basketball at the YMCA. They enjoy playing a style that isn’t always fun to watch, which is the downside.