‘NBA Live 18’ Is The First To Feature Kyrie Irving And Isaiah Thomas On Their New Teams

After a great deal of grandstanding, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics finally settled on a trade of Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas last week, with the Cavs managing to wring one more meager asset out of the Cs due to Thomas’ troubled hip. The drama didn’t stop there, though.

There have been rumors that Thomas could miss a large portion of the season as he recovers, a development that apparently left LeBron James and others around the organization with a good bit of buyer’s remorse. Nonetheless, the trade is done, and though it might not happen on their opening night showdown, we’ll eventually see these two superstars on court wearing their new uniforms.

Until then, NBA Live 18 has us covered. The popular video game franchise will actually be the first to feature Irving and Thomas playable in their new digs. Here’s more information via their official press release:

Following the blockbuster trade last week, NBA Live’s demo was expanded and updated this morning to reflect the swap. The demo’s playable roster will also expand today with the inclusion of players from the Houston Rockets, Boston Celtics and the updated roster of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Players will also have access to play as Kyrie on the Boston Celtics. The demo containing the Rockets, Celtics, Cavs and Warriors is now available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The demo also includes a trail of NBA Live’s ‘The One’ career mode plus live events running through the launch of the game.

As noted above, you can check out the demos if you own one of those consoles. And enjoy “The One” trailer below.

NBA Live 18 hits stores on Sept. 15.