Here’s All The NBA Logos Redesigned As Superheroes

03.28.16 2 years ago 8 Comments


Superheroes are the flavor of the now, and basketball is in full swing with March Madness and the NBA season approaching the playoffs. We could have done this with the NFL logos, but the NFL is doing that stupid here is my mock draft version 67.5 thing right now and baseball hasn’t started yet. So let’s go with the NBA logos. The NBA is full of superheroes anyway (Steph Curry). Plus Supervillians (Dwight Howard, does anybody like Dwight Howard?). And those conflicted Supermen who can’t decide what side they are on.

This list is entirely superheroes, not villains, even if a few of them trend to the “darker” side of things. No Thanos or Magnetos here. I’d like to say there was a big connection between which hero was chosen for which team, but there wasn’t. Some of them are obvious, some not so much. The reasoning will be explained as we go.

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