Brook And Robin Lopez Had A Lightsaber Battle Ahead Of Their First NYC Showdown

The Lopez Brothers seem like two relatively funny, normal dudes who just happen to be 7-foot twin NBA centers.

On the court, they both have made solid careers for themselves (albeit with different skill-sets), but off the court, they continue to do hilarious weird stuff, like Brook deciding to live in Disney World and Robin cosplaying as Doc Brown, or beefing with opposing mascots.

This offseason, Brook re-signed with the Nets and Robin was inked by the Knicks, meaning the two would be playing in the same city for the first time since their days at Stanford; although, continuing their idiosyncratic ethos, they’ve decided not to bunk together in the Big Apple because they’re worried their cats won’t get along. Of course.

Ahead of their first NYC showdown on Friday night, YES provided the brothers with a chance to have a different kind of battle: one involving lightsabers.

Considering their personalities, it’s no surprise that they were both pretty into the whole thing. Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan they were not, but at the end, it was Brook who got the better of his brother. We’ll see if the Nets — who have struggled to a 5-13 record to start the season — can do the same on Friday night.

If you’re planning on seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens in New York on opening night (Dec. 18), you may want to sit in the front row, or else you might have two 7-foot guys blocking your view.