The NBA And Its Players Association Are Donating $1 Million To Hurricane Harvey Relief

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The true impact a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey has on the city of Houston won’t be fully known for some time. But when disasters occur, it’s safe to say that money always helps. A massive amount of damage and flooding means a massive amount of money is needed to help people recover.

Many individuals in the NBA community have already made efforts to help those in the Houston area suffering the effects of Hurricane Harvey. On Tuesday, the league and its players association took that a step further with a donation to help relief efforts for the beleaguered city.

Houston Rockets forward Clint Capela is trying to help people get rescued by retweeting their location on Twitter, and Rockets owner Leslie Alexander upped his original $4 million donation to $10 million on Tuesday.

The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association issued a joint statement Tuesday that said the two groups will donate $1 million to relief efforts made by a number of different organizations trying to help save those from the flooded city. As waters continue to put people in danger and individuals have pledged their support and donations, the NBA as a whole will now add their collective support to the pot.

“Our thoughts are with the city of Houston and all those affected by flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey,” the two parties said in a statement posted on the NBPA’s Twitter account Tuesday. “The NBA and NBPA have jointly committed to donate $1 million to organizations including the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, American Red Cross, and other non-profit groups working in the Greater Houston area to bring relief to those impacted.”

Other leagues will undoubtedly follow their lead, but it’s encouraging to see those outside of Houston trying to aid the city in a meaningful way.