The NBA Is Making A Huge Mistake Not Airing Its All-Star Draft On TV

01.12.18 3 months ago 2 Comments

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When the NBA pauses for its All-Star celebration in Los Angeles next month, the main event will have a very different look and feel than in past years. They might wear highly questionable practice jerseys, for one, and the matchup won’t be the East/West showdown we’re used to.

Instead, the top vote getters will act as team captains, who will then draft their teammates playground-style. If that sounds exciting, and like something you’d enjoy watching, it’s because you’re a rational basketball fan, or maybe a messy hater who loves drama. But either way, you’re on the right side of the aisle here.

Unfortunately for all of us, however, the NBA will not let us in on the decision-making when it comes to picking those teams. NBA commissioner Adam Silver tried to explain why this won’t be a televised event, calling a draft an “impossible position” for players.

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