The NBA’s Hectic Offseason Got The CNN Election Night Treatment By Wolf Blitzer And John King

For a few days back in November, people who followed along with the democratic process in the United States found themselves entranced by a pair of cable news channels: CNN and MSNBC. Both had dudes who stood at touchscreens — John King for the former, Steve Kornacki for the latter — who gave detailed breakdowns of where votes were coming in and said stuff like “Maricopa County, Arizona” a whole heck of a lot.

Both networks have found ways to keep them occupied outside of the world of electoral politics ever since Joe Biden became the President-elect of the United States. Kornacki has a gig on NBC’s Sunday Night Football, breaking down the playoff odds for the various teams jostling for the chance to compete for the Lombardi Trophy. King, meanwhile, is apparently more of a basketball guy, so he teamed up with CNN colleague Wolf Blitzer to get fans caught up on all the goings on during the NBA offseason.

King and Blitzer took to the big boards in The Situation Room™ to explain a number of moves players made during the NBA’s offseason. There is also a very silly IcyHot joke about Chris Paul in here and King, a Celtics fan, declaring that despite Doc Rivers being their coach, he will never cheer for the Sixers. It’s pretty good!

This is not the first time these two have joined forces for an NBA thing this offseason — Blitzer is a well-documented Washington Wizards fan, so the two took to their spots next to the big boards to announce the team’s schedule for the first half of the NBA season. There is no word on whether noted Philadelphian Jake Tapper has any plans to respond to the Sixers dig that King got in here.