NBA Opening Night Overreactions: The Good, The Bad, And The Hawks

10.18.18 9 months ago 8 Comments

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The first full night of games in the NBA is complete, as 22 teams squared off on Wednesday after Tuesday’s appetizer of action with Golden State and Boston defeating the Thunder and Sixers respectively.

The excitement of opening night of the NBA season is unlike any of the other 81 nights of the season because there’s a sense of unknown. With that comes wild overreactions to the first game. From here, the sample size only gets bigger and before too long, we’ll actually feel like we know who a lot of these teams are. For now, we have a one game sample to pull from, and that sample could lead to some fun overreactions.

I’m going to lean in to the ridiculousness of making any real assumption about teams (outside of: The Warriors and Celtics are good, that you should believe) from night one of the season and going to fire off my impressions from a night of frantically bouncing around League Pass to get a glimpse of every team in action, even if only briefly. Let’s begin.

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