NBA Players Reject Latest Lockout Proposal; Dwight Howard Loves Tim Tebow

11.09.11 6 years ago 28 Comments
Chauncey Billups

Chauncey Billups (photo. Jonathan Mannion)

We all might be angry… at the very least, extremely frustrated. It’s gotten so annoying that even Bill Clinton showed up, showing the players support and handing out his book, “Back To Work.” But some folks around the league are voicing a different opinion. They’re calling it “sad.” No, the efforts of guys like Steve Blake didn’t come through in the clutch yesterday. The players rejected the owners’ latest offer (apparently no one wanted the deal) with Derek Fisher simply saying it’s not good enough, even though it might just be the best offer they get from here on out. But before you start submitting yourself to ugly Eastern Illinois vs. Indiana State games – either that or drinking away your sorrows – the two sides did leave some hope for today. The players are asking for one more meeting before the owners’ “ultimatum” in hopes that the two sides can come to some agreement. It sounds like the players might be willing to move forward at 50/50 if they can get their way with a few other system issues. David Stern also said during an NBA TV interview that at this point, he has absolutely no plans to cancel games on Christmas (Of course he would say that, so take it with a grain of salt.). In fact, give the commish a little credit. We know he’s looked like a Bad Santa throughout the lockout, but is saying if it wasn’t for Stern – who went all out just to get some of the hard-lining owners to even accept 50/50 – this current proposal would’ve never even happened. Even as it is, Chauncey Billups flat out called it a “terrible deal.” … One of the more hilarious bits from the lockout: a few players – Danny Granger and Brian Cardinal – tweeted that owners are also trying to take away free parking from the players at the arenas. Damn these dudes are like Alan from “Two and a Half Men.” Who would be the first player to forget his $20 and not be allowed inside? … The NBA says they can still salvage a 10-game season. Of course, this bit is from The Onion and it’s complete sarcasm. So check it out if you need a good laugh. Michael Beasley would still probably take three nights off … We’re just as completely shocked as everyone else is over the Penn State accusations. The Penn State fans we know – and we know many of them – are so pissed off right now, almost like the country is ganging up on their God, Joe Paterno (which is correct in a way). Does he deserve some of the blame if these things are true? He’s as powerful as anyone at that school, and yet he tried to brush it away, wanted nothing to do with it. The only thing we can say to that is how can someone sleep at night knowing one of their co-workers or former co-workers or friends is allegedly molesting little boys? And you know Joe Paterno knew what happened or at least knew something was very fishy. We would make a joke about this, but we aren’t trying to offend anyone… but Jerry Sandusky released a book about 10 years ago and you really need to see the title … While Skip Bayless wants everyone to believe that the world is out to get Tim Tebow, the Broncos’ QB has a few NBA superstars on his side. Dwight Howard showed Tebow love after Denver’s big win on Sunday by doing what he does best: posting a picture to Twitter of himself “Tebowing” at a bar. Conversations began that soon ended with Tebow telling Howard and LeBron that they need to get themselves some Bronco jerseys. Maybe then Skip would stop complaining about Tebow having no weapons … And while everyone thought the departure of John Calipari would kill Memphis’ hoops momentum, not only are they a top 10 team this season, they also have a great class coming in next year. One of the top 20 high schoolers in the nation committed to the Tigers yesterday – Shaq Goodwin, a 6-8 power forward – over Florida and UCLA. We just can’t get over the name though. It’s one thing to pick another famous cat’s name. But there’s only one Shaq … RIP Heavy D … We’re out like the Penn State Cowardly Lions.

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