The NBA’s Stars Broke Out Some Great Halloween Costumes


For some, Halloween is the best holiday of the year (for this writer, that honor goes to Thanksgiving) because they get to dress up in elaborate costumes and eat candy. In the NBA, there are many that go all out for Halloween each year, either at team parties or, if the schedule calls for it, dressing up in costume before a Halloween night game.

Some teams already celebrated Halloween, namely the Trail Blazers, who had some spectacular efforts like Maurice Harkless’ Tyrone Biggums and the frontrunner for costume of the year, Damian Lillard’s Stone Cold Steve Austin cosplay. On Wednesday many around the league took advantage of the holiday to get dressed up and have some fun.

Lonzo Ball fully committed to his Batman look with his best Batman voice as the Lakers had some kids come to the facility to trick-or-treat, and even dunked in full costume.

Victor Oladipo, who did a Black Panther mask dunk in last year’s dunk contest, arrived in the full Black Panther outfit.

LeBron James, who always gets into Halloween came to Mavs-Lakers as Jason Vorhees.

LeBron’s teammate JaVale McGee rolled up to the arena in a full Grinch suit (and fanny pack, of course).

Klay Thompson arrived for Warriors-Pelicans as Jackie Moon.

Ron Baker and Enes Kanter dressed up as Thor and Venom.

Bill Russell dressed as bacon.

Chris Bosh and his family went as The Incredibles.

Robin Lopez showed up to the arena as Elliott from E.T., bike and all.

Benny the Bull dressed up as…Lopez.

The Starters crew dressed as Austin Powers characters and got Marvin Bagley to join in.

Anthony Tolliver wore a gorilla mask.

Meyers Leonard went as John Travolta in Grease.