NBA Players Past And Present React To The Rockets’ Stunning Comeback In Game 6

A 19-point third-quarter lead by the Clippers at Staples Center last night had many East Coast NBA fans turning in early during Game 6 of Rockets-Clippers. We prematurely celebrated Chris Paul’s first trip to the Conference Finals with co-workers, and then sat back to savor his moment. What we got instead was a near-total self-immolation by Doc’s group as James Harden Corey Brewer and Josh Smith ran rampant during a fourth-quarter comeback that saw the Rockets outscore the Clippers, 40-15, in a 119-107 win to force a Game 7 on their home floor. Meanwhile, most of Clippers community is stuck in a near-catatonic state after watching what transpired.

Let’s check in on those NBA players who reacted on Twitter to the incredible turn of events in the final 15 minutes of game action.

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Aldridge isn’t a player, but he aptly summed up what happened to Lawler’s Law last night

Players were mostly buzzing about Houston’s comeback, including a certain former Rocket who got knocked out by them in the first round

Kenny Smith and Corey Maggette don’t know what happened after taking a brief respite from the game

A couple of important questions

Others gave DAP to Josh Smith and Corey Brewer, including Smoove’s former teammate in Detroit

Like most of us watching, players were just as shocked at what happened

Nobody is ever going to forget where they were when this went down. We lay awake last night for hours grasping for some semblance of an answer to what we just watched, and we’re guessing the Clippers still aren’t asleep. Game 7 is on Sunday, giving both teams an extra day of rest, but at present no time has been set for the game. NBA schedule-makers are just as shaken as the rest of us by what went down.