LeBron James And Other NBA Players Were Overjoyed About Carmelo Anthony Joining The Blazers

Carmelo Anthony is back in the NBA. According to reports on Thursday night, the future Hall of Fame forward will get a chance to revive his career as a member of the Portland Trail Blazers. It’s an arrangement that makes sense for both sides — Anthony gets back into the league, while the Blazers desperately need some help at both forward spots. If Melo isn’t the answer, that’s fine, as he will reportedly join the team on a non-guaranteed deal.

But still, Anthony is a popular guy, both among the basketball watching public and those who play the game, so word of him getting back into the league has people excited. No one is more fired up than two of his best friends, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

They’re hardly the only NBA players who can’t wait to see him back on the floor. In fact, a few of his new teammates have already gone on record as saying they love the squad’s newest addition.

Beyond them, Melo has plenty of support from other guys in the league.

On the topic of Crawford, while everyone is ready for Anthony to come back, a number want to see Crawford — and, in some cases, J.R. Smith — get the next look from a team that could use a dude who can score in bunches.

Basketball players really love Melo, and seeing the outpouring of support he got in the aftermath of his announced return to the league is really cool. That warm reception from other players should continue right away — Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports that Anthony will join the team on its road trip that begins on Saturday, and during the second game of that trip, the Blazers will play Anthony’s most recent squad, the Houston Rockets.