NBA Players Revolt Against Michael Jordan; Could Epic Dream Team Practice Footage Exist?

11.07.11 7 years ago 51 Comments
Were we the only ones to criticize Michael Jordan in light of the recent reports that the Bobcats’ owner might be trying to draw too hard of a line against the players? Not even close. Players now seem to be taking their frustrations to Twitter in regards to this whole MJ/BRI thing. Washington Wizards guard Nick Young tweeted this weekend that he is never going to wear Jordan sneakers again, referencing what he saw and heard in relation to Jordan’s actions at the lastest negotiation meeting. But Young wasn’t the only one to voice anger over Jordan actions. Golden State Warriors rookie Klay Thompson tweeted: U think 1996 MJ would pull this? Straight hypocrite bro… Indiana Pacers guard Paul George then chimed in, responding to Thompson’s tweet: Man straight hypocrite bro…He should have been the first one behind us smh. Obviously players are getting heated over certain owners clearly trying to screw them over, and how ironic is it that the man taking some of the blame is probably the guy these young kids have idolized their entire childhood lives? It was reported that the union was ready to go after MJ in these meetings, but the G.O.A.T. didn’t speaking during the negotiations. … The negotiations came to a head this weekend with the owners issuing a “take it or leave it” offer, one that the players must decide on by Wednesday. David Stern relayed that the BRI could go as high as 51 percent for the players, but attorney Jeffrey Kessler says the deal is closer to 50 percent and the chances of the players ever earning the 51 percent are slim. It doesn’t sound like Derek Fisher, Billy Hunter and the rest are ready to accept it (Fisher even told The New York Post that it’s not even worthy of putting up to the players for a vote). But should they? Stern admits the owners’ proposals will immediately start getting worse if this thing isn’t agreed upon by the middle of this week. Still, some hold out hope the sides will meet one more time before Wednesday. We’ve heard ultimatums before that never came to fruition. Just sayin’ because we have a hard time believing the owners want to shut this thing down so early into November … Check out this tweet from Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski: Isn’t out of question NBPA Exec Committee will respond to owners by Wednesday w/ complete withdrawl of concessions. Essentially, bleep you. Wojnarowski also had one of the better lockout analogies we’ve heard outside of our own Dime comments: Owners had won labor deal by 30 points but want to keep press on, throw alley-oops, win by 40. Hey, someone’s going to give a hard foul here … And if you really want to be schooled, or at least hear the players’ side of things, follow Nazr Mohammed. He’s been preaching nearly every day for the majority of this offseason … On the next page: The search for the Holy Grail of Dream Team footage…

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